May 27, 2012

Some Explanations and Venting

I like comments on my blog from others. I also appreciate the emails I have received from those that email me from my profile page even more as this allows for a better interchange of ideas. I do become annoyed by most of the advertisers that attempt to sneak comments through. Some are becoming very adept at this until I back check the link provided or back check the name on the post. I like that the delete key works as easy as it does at times like this.

Unless I use the product or have reliable information about at particular product, I seldom promote a product in a blog. I may promote a type of product without a specific brand being mentioned when there is good evidence of relative equality among brands. I do this because then it is an individual preference as to which brand a reader chooses. Most also go with what the doctor recommends if a prescription is required.

Most of the comments I have received lately have been spam. Saturday, I had one that looked authentic; however, upon further examination and a little correspondence, I found out that the site is a dummy site operated by a public relations person looking to make a sale for some of his clients. I have no idea about the product and whether it will work as advertised. Plus, under the circumstances of the exposure to the product, I will not even try it. Too good to be true – usually is. Plus these products most often do not deliver what their advertising claims. I will keep my money thank you.

Do I like receiving all this spam? Not a chance! As long as the delete key continues to do its thing, I will not hesitate to use it to keep spam off my blog.

Then I receive emails that are what I consider the ultimate in poor taste. They are from people that I term “ambulance chasers.” They want to know if a family member or I have used a medication or a list of medications. If we have, they want to help us obtain compensation for possible injury received from the medication. I will never use them as to-date; I have not used any of the medications on their lists. Plus I will never use a firm that comes looking for work, as they generally want a greater percentage of any amounts received. I prefer talking to a local attorney and having a recommendation for a firm. Occasionally, the firm of record is the only firm that may be used and then you may not have options.

I have also been receiving requests for guest posts. I may as well say it now. I will not allow guest posts from commercial companies or firms looking for business. I will not allow guest posts of any type because I like what I am doing. If a product or service is one I have used and like, I will blog about it. If a product or service is something that I don't like, I will blog about it. I know I cannot please everyone, and it is not my intention. I want to inform you about diabetes and related issues. Occasionally, I find something that I have an interest in that is not related to diabetes.

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