June 1, 2012

Friday Tidbits 06-01-12

Is this crying in the wilderness? From the comments to his blog, you would have to think that is true. Greed is the creed of many doctors and they will ride the current healthcare system to the end and take every dollar they can. At least Bob Doherty is talking about the issue on the Advocacy Blog.

There are efforts in many areas to reduce the rising costs, but little is being accomplished because of the attitudes of the medical profession. Almost every person in the medical profession believes that the current system is broken and needs to be fixed, but from the top down, they are unwilling to anything other than acknowledge the problem.

What surprises me is the opposition by many medical groups against groups that are attempting to lower costs. Two of attempts are shared medical appointments (SMAs) and concierge medicine. There are also small practices throughout the country attempting other experiments away from traditional medicine and the medical organizations are attempting to squash them early on. How backward do we have to become in our medical treatments before we have a patient uprising that will put some of the organizations out of business and demand better healthcare?

The second article is a different discussion that I have wondered about for some time. I am also happy to see this, as we need to finally sweep the low-fat mantra under the rug where it needs to be. I am not sure how accurate the research is as I am always suspicious of agendas from researchers. However, is written to show that certain fats are very beneficial for out brain activity.

This research is probably more reliable and evaluates almost 6200 women over the age of 65. It determined that consumed more monounsaturated fat than saturated fat retained greater levels of overall cognitive functioning. Those consuming more saturated fat actually had a decline in cognitive function. I do feel that there is an agenda associated with the study considering they singled out the saturated fat in butter, cheese, and red meats. These may not be the best, but in moderation should not be forbidden.

The third article disturbs me personally. Are our veterans considered second-class citizens or even third class? Veterans may be causing this themselves, but this is difficult to understand. I know when I was discharged, I was given no information about veterans benefits and it appeared like they were just glad to dump us on the street as the downsizing was already underway as the Viet Nam War was getting downsized.

Today, with a volunteer military force, this should not be happening. When discharged, those people should spend at least two days being taught about the benefits available to them. Handouts should be given explaining each benefit and the address and phone number for each local Veterans Affairs office.

It is shameful that so many veterans are without medical insurance and not availing themselves of medical services with the Veterans Administration. “It is true that the VA is “the nation’s largest health system and provides health care for many veterans through a system of medical centers, clinics, and other facilities…However, some veterans do not use VA health care services. Eligibility is based on veteran status, service-related disabilities, income level, and other factors, and even within the groups eligible for VA care, other factors, such as their proximity to VA facilities and the cost-sharing requirements, may affect the likelihood that they seek care in the VA system.””

Yes, there are hoops to jump through and some are tired of the treatment they have received by the military complex. Once you have been qualified, every year, you are required to submit a “means report” to determine your level of eligibility for benefits and the amount of your co-pay. Without this report, you may be denied benefits.

The last item is more for the political types and is indicative of what is happening in our government. If a sitting president can fund a campaign with government funds, then it is time to bring these funds back under an oversight committee and end the handouts.

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