October 19, 2015

Communication Loses by Physicians

Several members of our support have changed doctors this summer, but most are still not happy with the current ones. Allen has had the most trouble, as none of his two new doctors believe he could have an A1c of 5.0 percent. He has been accused of having two or more meters and his last doctor asked him if he is on dialysis or has had a blood transfusion recently.

In both cases, Allen has explained that he is eating very low carb and high fat and both doctors won't believe him. Now he is planning to see Dr. Tom, as he is tired of not being believed. Now both Ben and Barry are changing doctors because they both had A1cs below 5.6 percent and their doctor would not accept that they could be that low. When both said, they were using low carb and high fat food plans, the doctor told them that they needed to get away from the high fat and go with a low fat plan. When both said they were having good lipid panels and were feeling great, the doctor told them that he was prescribing a statin anyhow.

Barry said he would not take a statin and the doctor could learn the advantage of high fat or they would be finding a new doctor. Ben says the doctor was most uncooperative and they are looking for a new doctor.

Jerry said he is happy that he is now under 6.0 percent and with his foot ulcers now healed, he has the proper footwear and is feeling the best in a long time. Even James is happy and had his wife tell us that his last A1c was 5.8 percent. He did say that he and Jill are both moving to lower carb and higher fat meals and he is hoping to bring his A1c down.

Even Sue is sputtering about her doctor wanting her to go back on medications. Her last A1c was 5.4 percent and while it was up, she felt that medication was not what she needed.

The group of us were talking about the doctors and why they seem to want to bully those of us that are older and think they can get away with doing this. None of us present were happy with communications by our doctors and felt that doctors are not keeping up with the needs of people with diabetes.

As we were getting ready to leave, Dr. Tom came in with his family. After they had seats, Dr. Tom came over and asked us how we were doing. Allen told him we had a bad taste from doctors at the moment, but it was not him, just that we felt doctors were trying to bully us and several of the group were upset that their doctors were pushing high carb and low fat. Allen then asked if he could become a patient of his. Barry and Ben said the same would apply to them. Dr. Tom said to call his office on Monday or stop by and get the necessary papers to have their files transferred.

With that, we left and wished his family well as we passed their table.

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