September 7, 2015

Type 2 Diabetes Website

This is a relatively recent addition to type 2 diabetes information on the Internet. It is not written by anyone with type 2 diabetes, but by a husband and wife that are interested in helping people with diabetes. The site started in October 2013 and has grown since.

Ansley and her husband are working diligently to simplify the basics of diabetes for those that are new to a diabetes diagnosis. They have both video and written material on the site. This should appeal to people with different learning styles.

While ways of accomplishing different diabetes management often differ from what I would say or the way I write about a topic, the site does have great insight into the different styles of diabetes management which is a big positive.

There are still a few areas that they have not covered or given but a small coverage. This is not a weakness, but a case that the site has not been in business long enough and there is a lot to cover. Ansley has been working in the business of diabetes for about 15 years and has a lot of experience that shows.

Please check out the website here and the Facebook page here.  Take time to explore the sites.

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