September 9, 2015

A Diabetes Website Violating Copyright

Until September 1, I had some respect for Battle Diabetes. However, now I have none. If you follow this link, you will come to a group of blogs that originated from other bloggers. You may be fooled as I was until you try to follow the links with each blog.

The top link takes you to a poor copy of the blog lifted from a blog by the original author. The bottom link takes you to a copy of the blog summaries of the blogs lifted from the original blogger. All of the links are on Battle Diabetes and none will take you to the original blog by the owner.

To me this smells of copyright violation. I have contacted the original blogger from Australia and I believe that the other blog owners would like to know about this. Since I am not familiar with the other bloggers, I would ask any reader that might know any of the original blog owners to notify them if possible and direct them to view the blogs that have been lifted illegally from them. My best guess is that all are from outside the USA and the owner of Battle Diabetes may have thought he could bypass copyright laws.

As of the time I posted this, no changes have been made and the blogs are still on the website.

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