September 8, 2015

Tips for Diabetes Bloggers

You will have to forgive the rant, but I recently came up against several blogs that fit what I am discussing. I will list the blogs, but I may not go back to try to read them as they are being very secretive in their actions.

One tip I find useful is providing an email sign up for new posts. This is one way to make sure your readers are alerted when you post a new blog. Another way to inform your readers of a new blog is to have a RSS or other blanket feed for those that subscribe. This (email works in Google Blogger, Word Press, and several other blogging services) and helps followers know when you post a new blog or article. Others may have to pay to have this programmed.

I have encountered several excellent blogs recently that do not have this and I am occasionally lucky to check the site shortly after a new post. Some close comments after 4 or 5 days and this is discouraging when there is value that needs recognizing.

Another shortcoming of some blogs is the lack of contact information. Often I have wanted to contact the blog author and have no way to do this, as there is no comment place or contact information. Why the secrecy folks?

I know that some bloggers do not want to deal with comments and I can respect that if they don't have comment moderation available, which means the comment is not published until you approve it. Not having contact information seems like you are saying you don't care about your readers that may want to make contact. Or, if you want secrecy, why do you publish a blog for every one to read? Why not make it private for only those you want to read it?

I maintain this blog for different blog authors and like to add those that are people with type 2 diabetes that write a blog. I also include a few other sites that have valuable information for people with type 2 diabetes.

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