December 3, 2013

The Diabetes Myths Will Get You Every Time

I dislike taking this position opposed to another blogger, but I feel I must when the author chooses to say that diabetes is progressive – two times.

This is the first myth – diabetes need not be progressive if properly taken care of and managed. It is when diabetes is not taken care of and managed.  Diabetes then becomes progressive. Many patients do not realize this and do not manage their diabetes and naturally, it becomes progressive. I blame the doctors for not providing the education about the care needed to prevent diabetes from becoming progressive. Too many diabetes patients trust their doctors and will not educated themselves about diabetes.

This brings us to the second myth. Doctors have your best interest in mind when they treat you. This is completely untrue as they are only concerned about the payments they receive for treating you. By not telling you that diabetes can be managed and not educating you, they know that diabetes will continue to progress. They will then continue to be able to treat you and have a steady source of revenue for their pockets.

The author of the blog lists this myth “People with type 2 diabetes can’t eat sugary foods,” the author leaves one important aspect out. Moderation is good, but even more important is blood glucose testing to determine how your body reacts to the foods you are consuming. The 'one-size-fits-all' advice is not correct if you don't use your blood glucose meter to test what the food you ate in moderation does to your blood glucose levels.

The last myth the author gives - “Being put on insulin is a sign of failing to manage diabetes,” is where the author trips him/her self up rather handily.
The Truth: Diabetes is a progressive disease. It can often initially be regulated with lifestyle changes or a combination of lifestyle modifications and oral medication.” Yes, by managing their diabetes, patients can manage their diabetes for years or even decades without it becoming progressive. “But eventually the pancreas of many people with diabetes stops producing an adequate amount of insulin, making it necessary to begin insulin injections.” Some oral medications put a burden on the pancreas and will eventually force the pancreas to quit functioning, sulfonylureas is one of the oral medications that does this.  The DPP-4 inhibitors is the other class that can make the pancreas stop functioning.

Many of our “well meaning” doctors use insulin as a threat to keep people on oral medications. Then when they need insulin, they are told they have failed to manage their diabetes and going on insulin is their punishment. It is not surprising many believe this myth.

The other myths are fairly well stated and can be read here. I have three blogs on diabetes myths and they are here, here, and here.


Jane said...

Thanks for this. I'm going to research my oral medicine. I don't know if it's in the classes you mentioned as harming the pancreas. Jane

diabetes said...

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I have researched a lot about diabetes
Now, I got valuable information and tips are very useful
Thank you and a thousand thanks for the valuable information

Rick said...

I may go even further than you, Bob. See my article "Is Diabetes Progressive" at

Bob Fenton said...

Thanks David, It is diabetes centers like Joslin that perpetuate the myths with blogs like this that proclaim 'diabetes is progressive. This is the reason for the title and why if you believe them, they will encourage you to believe that you have no reason to manage your diabetes. This is the shame of our supposedly medical professionals that do no education.