December 7, 2013

Suggestions for Different Diabetes Logs - P3

Part 3 of 3 parts

In this blog, I will cover daily health log, lab test log, and other logs. The daily health log is quite simple. I put the dates across the top and times (in hourly increments) down the left column. I normally leave three rows between times. This allows for longer notes or a reference to the bottom for lengthy notes. I also use the one of the rows to record pain numbers. If the pain numbers remain unchanged, there are days when the number is written when I arise and no further numbers until bedtime.

The lab test log is also fairly straightforward. I put the dates across the top and use two columns on the left side to list the test in column A and the lab recommended range for the test in the second column. Then is just a case of entering the data.

Occasionally I need to insert a new column when there is something from a different lab with a different recommended range, but everything else remains the same. The lab name or code is always a bottom entry. I like this as it shows trends or if I am consistent. I also like to see certain tests decreasing.

My next log is problem and procedures log. When I encounter diabetes and other health problems I indicate the date and time and describe the problem listing as many details and symptoms as I can. This I do print out and take to the doctor appointment to provide the doctor. I also keep track of medical procedures and dates. In addition, I make notes of what the results were. If there were things that upset this, my blood pressure and my blood glucose reading get recorded. The positive happenings also get noted.

I do keep other information that is of value to me and helps in my management of diabetes. I do keep a list of my medications with prescription numbers and expiration dates. I do keep track of when I stop a medication for a medical procedure. I have had several of these lately because of the procedures. Now that I am past or done with all scheduled procedures, I am back on track with my medications.

I wish I had done more of this shortly after I obtained my first computer, but that is past history because I did not. Not everyone wants or needs the detail I keep, but this is done for your information. I have the time and enjoy tracking my health information.  Each month I start over and keep all files.  Each file is named by month and year.

These three blogs are just suggestions and I hope that at minimum, you will keep a written log that fits your needs.


Jane said...

Thanks for the information. You've prompted me to revise my log to include the number of hours I sleep as I am seeing evidence that this affects my readings. Also, to include my level of pain each day. Probably like many people I have some chronic pain from other conditions and I've read that it can affect the body's response. I hadn't been putting much time into this, but I see the purpose is to understand our health better. Jane

Bob Fenton said...

Thanks Jane. Understanding our health and discovering some of the quirks of our mismanagement is important. Plus, I am not a person with a photographic memory, the more data I can collect, the easier it is to see patterns and solutions for what I did wrong and correct it.