June 15, 2017

My Computer Quit Operating

I had my computer stop working and at first I felt it was the video card, but the fellow that works on my computers discovered that was not the case.  Further tests showed that the only thing working was the power supply.  The motherboard was dead and there was no hope for the computer.

After the purchase of a new computer, I could not get back into my programs or the blogs.  I started a new email account hoping to get to Google, but everything was "no Reply" and every attempt ended in failure.  Finally on the 14th I took the hard drive and my new computer to the service person and he was able to recover the material and passwords that finally allowed me to get back into the blogs, email, and several programs.

I am very upset with Google and their lack of caring when someone has problems.  Google would not allow me to reset passwords and kept telling me I could not prove the email and blogs were mine.

Whether I will have more blogs will depend on Google and if I am allowed to keep using my blogs. 

Thank you to all my loyal readers and I ask for your patience.


Jane said...

Bob, I sympathize with your frustration and anger with internet services, etc. I was worried you were sick when I didn't see your regular posts. Welcome back. Jane

Bob Fenton said...

Yes, and frustration can be a sickness, as I was very frustrated. I thought I could fix my problems, but I had to rely on the computer service fellow, and thankfully he was able to solve the problem. It feels great to be back up and working. I did start the book I had been wanting to write and so far have four chapters now to proof and check my sources.

Denise @ Do you have that in my size??? said...

Did you have a back up for your system? I keep hoping that my diligence in backing up to a storage device will save me if my computer ever dies, but I'm not sure that's true.

So glad you're back!

Bob Fenton said...

Thanks Denise!

Yes I have another hard drive with the information on it. My hard drive even one the computer was okay, but I could not get my passwords off the hard drive and that is what I needed my computer service person to do for me. Google kept kicking me out and would not let me reset passwords. Once I had the password info transferred to the now computer and the favorites and the security files, I was back in business. I use Mozilla Foxfire as my browser and there is a lot of work that I could not get my head around. Hence my need for the assistance of my computer service person.