August 1, 2016

Thank You to My Readers

Yes, it is time for thanking my readers from many countries. I admit I was giving some serious thought to stopping my blog, but when the emails starting really coming in at almost 20 per day, I began to realize that I needed to keep publishing my blog. Many of the emails had some serious questions, but not being a doctor, on many of them I could only suggest talking to their own doctor and giving them a few suggestions of questions to ask.

There were several emails agreeing with what a blog said and I appreciate that. That is always good to know. A few thought I could have added something and a few others felt I was missing a point. Finally, a few felt that the study I used was worthless and poor science, which a few were and I had stated this on a few of them.

A few readers were apologizing for their English. I have told all of them that if I can understand what they were saying or asking, that was the important issue and I could care less about their halting English or even some of the spelling.

A few readers were asking how I could put up with some of the criticism that I might be receiving and still post a daily blog. I am always happy to explain to these people that I have a thick skin and criticism doesn't bother me if I can learn from it.

A few other emails asked how I handled some of the comments that must be about cures and explaining that doctors are hiding this from people with diabetes. I explain to them that I have set up comment moderating and before a comment is published, I try to check the comment for hidden links and even other obvious links to articles and websites for propaganda about supposed cures (which as of today there is no cure for type 1 or type 2 or any other form of diabetes). Occasionally, some links are so well disguised that I publish them - and once published, the link shows up and I then delete the comment.

Yes, there are a few legitimate ways of putting type 2 diabetes into remission, but many of those promoted are nothing more than a way to sucker people out of their hard earned money. The people with good ways to put type 2 diabetes into remission generally are not charging people money for this, but are publishing them for people to use if they are able. These suggestions I can appreciate, but when a writer refers you to a site that charges for their solution, then red flags go up and I seldom follow this any further as I know it is a scam.

I won't name all the countries that show up in the analytics, but when I say they are around the world, this is what the statistics show.

I feel recharged with the interaction from some of my readers and this is what keeps me writing. The blogs on bariatric surgery was the result of several emails about this and these in turn generated many new emails.

Again, thanks for reading my blog.

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