August 19, 2016

George Found Some Time to Talk with Me

Before I left the Sunday gathering, George indicated he would like to talk with me even if by telephone. I said I would be available Monday and Wednesday evenings and from 3:20 PM to 11:00 PM and he said even at your apartment. I said yes and indicated that with my wife working second shift she did not get off work until 11:20 or later, but that I picked he up so that was the reason for the earlier time. He said he would call when he found the time, as he did want to ask some questions.

Now I am curious and have to wonder what George is going to want to talk about. Therefore, until he calls, I will stop this for now.

Monday evening about 9:20, George called. He said that he had some questions for me about getting married again. He knew that I had remarried a few years after my first wife passed and he was wondering how we were doing. I told him there were pros and cons and it would depend on him and his new spouse.

He admitted that he had not given it much thought until he had met my wife when he was here before and had done some searching on the internet and found several websites for corresponding with women overseas and had used one to get the names of three women and had been corresponding with two for about two years. He had been to the country, met one, and was thinking about returning to meet the other woman.

My first question was how much older he was to each woman and he answered 9 years for one and 12 for the second. I said that is better and there were many things he needed to think about and the age difference was definitely one of them. I asked him if either knew how to drive and he said they both knew how to drive. George said that was one reason he wanted to get away from the large city and to a smaller town. I said that the cost of operating and insuring a second car needed to be considered. I added that a large city could be an advantage as most women will what to go shopping and there is more selection in a larger city.

I said that getting her naturalized was not cheap and they would need to travel further here. We discussed this for some time and then I asked what they did in their country. One was a nurse and the other a doctor. I said that there would be additional schooling needed here for being either in this country. George said that the doctor had obtained her degree here and had worked for several years in a hospital before returning to her country when her parents became sick.

We discussed several other potential problems and possible solutions and George asked if this could be why both were pushing him to bring them to the United States. I said this sounded very possible and I would suggest investigating whether they could already be married and would request a divorce as soon as they became naturalized and then request that their husbands be brought to the U.S. George was shocked by this, but we talked some more and he said he would do some checking and I agreed that I could do some checking also and see what we could find out. We agreed to stay in contact and compare findings.

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