June 25, 2016

Conclusion Results of the Death

We had a meeting with the pastor and were surprised that the woman's parents were present. They told us that their daughter had become very secretive while in high school. She had become pregnant between her sophomore and junior years and because of weight gain, her parents had not found out about it until she lost the child just before school started. After this happened, she would not name the father and basically ignored her parents.

They were surprised that she had told her husband and Brenda and Sue about her diabetes. She was happy that they had tried to help her, but knew when she was unhappy, she would not talk to anyone, not even her husband. The doctor arrived after this and he confirmed that breast cancer may have been the factor that set her off. He had asked her to bring her husband with her, but she had refused and said she did not want her husband to know.

The doctor did not realize that she was possibly suicidal or he would not have told her about her breast cancer until another family member was present. But after talking with her parents, he doubted she would have permitted another family member to have been present. He concluded that they are still waiting for the cause of death so he may have misspoke in stating suicide. He stated that he should have this on Wednesday and asked the parents if the hospital should limit who received the information.

The parents said yes to limiting the release of information and asked if the news could be limited to avoid the newspapers from receiving the information. The doctor said he would try, but the newspapers could not be prevented if they wanted the information. The parents stated that her husband wanted a small graveside funeral for them and his family and no one else and had changed funeral homes because the one had said it would be put in the newspaper against the family wishes.

Several of us agreed this may be for the best and we would not spread the word. Her parents thanked us and I said I would not release my blog until after the funeral and the mother said she would tell Brenda after the funeral if that was okay. We agreed and the pastor spent some time asking us questions and said we are all sorry this happened, but it was not something we could have anticipated or prevented. We thanked him for his time and having her parents available to us and we thanked them for being present and explaining what may have been behind her actions.

Therefore, even though I had wanted to release this the day after the meeting, it may be several days before this is posted.

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