March 1, 2016

Seven Neglected Areas That Sabotage Healthy Aging – P5

This is one topic I have not written much about, but it does affect the elderly. Having chronic difficulties controlling one’s bladder is a common problem for older adults, and tends to get worse with aging. It affects both men and women, although it may have different underlying causes, such as prostate enlargement in men. It is often embarrassing, can cause seniors to restrict their social or physical activities, and has been linked to depression.

Incontinence comes in different “types,” each of which can have different causes. Correctly identifying the type and causes is key to effective treatment. Finding suitable pads or underwear to manage leaks can also make a big difference. They are definitely not all equal, and doctors have little idea which is best. Remember that medications to treat bladder spasms are usually quite anticholinergic, hence risky for brain function. To help a doctor evaluate incontinence, it’s helpful to log your symptoms in a voiding diary for 3 days prior to the appointment.

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