March 5, 2016

How I View Type 2 Medications

You may disagree with me and that is your right, but I do not like most oral medications used for type 2 diabetes. Why? The side effects and the side effects that are still being exposed. Yes, many of the newer drugs are still unproven and new side effects are still becoming known.

Other than Metformin, I would not touch any other medications with a ten-foot pole, other than insulin. I made a decision some time ago. Metformin, which the doctors have now stopped me from using a few months ago, I will stay on injected insulin. This works well for me and by using Dr. Bernstein's 'law of small numbers' my insulin units are starting to decrease.

I did get to the 5% club about six months after diagnosis. At diagnosis HbA1c of above 13 and average blood glucose meter readings above 250 mg/dl, I was very worried about what I was going to be able to do on a couple of oral medications. Fortunately, my doctor was not afraid of insulin and about three months later, after a discussion on insulin, I was moved off the oral medications to both Lantus and Novolog. I have tried a few of the other insulins which the VA moved me to, but did not have great management. I then needed to have a discussion with the VA doctor about moving back to the first two insulins where I have remained.

Think about it, most type 2's beta cells are not up to the job, how can so many people with type 2 diabetes remain injected insulin free? Most do not have great blood glucose numbers, yet most doctors refuse to prescribe insulin and now if the patients cannot manage their diabetes with dietary changes, they will need to change doctors to obtain the insulin they desperately need.

When the majority of clinicians and supporting paraprofessionals realize the oral diabetes medications are not doing the job of diabetes management, we will start making some progress against the epidemic of obesity and the management of diabetes more effectively.

Think I am blowing smoke, why are so many of our support group members so willing to change away from oral medications to insulin. When they see the blood glucose readings for many of our members and the HbA1C numbers below 6.0%, they start asking questions. Yes, most of the members not using insulin are using low carb, high fat way of eating, but having problems with fasting blood glucose levels and A1c levels above 6.5%. All but four members are under 7.0% and presently no one is over 7.4%.

Presently, only two members are off all diabetes medications and Sue's husband is on metformin and hoping to get back off that if he is able.

Our members have different backgrounds and have been on many of the different diabetes oral medications. Most have been on a sulfonylurea and a second medication from metformin to other injectables. Most are tired of the oral medication side effects and are asking many questions about insulin. Allen, Barry, and Ben are receiving most of the questions.

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