January 22, 2016

One Less Diabetes Organization

This is a follow-up of the last blog that I ended with the note that Dr. Bill Quick says the Academy of Certified Diabetes Educators is now defunct. Dr. Quick says this is one less cook in the kitchen. I can't say I'm sorry that this has happened. This is good news in several ways as this means that we will not need to deal with an organization that has been taking the exclusive route. Now we will also not need to be concerned when the AADE, AND, and ADA are issuing joint statements and wonder why ACDE is not mentioned.

On December 27, I blogged about the problems with the website and lack of activity. At least now, I have an answer, thanks to Dr. Quick.

This does not solve many problems for those of us with type 2 diabetes and for those of us in our support group, it has possibly added to our problems. We are finding that we are being sabotaged by the dual title RD/CDEs and we don't appreciate this as a support group.

The support group has gained support from the insurance companies and the quicker the CDEs realize this, the better off everyone will be. My cousin will not have her 1,000 hours in for some time and will still have her test to sit for and pass, but we now know that she can start her 1,000 hours next month which is a big plus for our group.

So shortly, we will be able to obtain some valuable diabetes education. Yes, we may need to travel 35 miles one way, but the education will definitely help. Several of the members are talking about doing some traveling together to save on travel costs, and this is another positive.

I have been in contact with my cousin and informed her that we were waiting and would like a schedule as soon as it is reasonable. She does say that the CDE that Tim has seen is available and would be involved in her training. I referred this to Tim and said that Alice should possibly consider this. Tim said he would discuss this with her and two others.

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