December 27, 2015

What Is Happening at ACDE?

I am confused and I am not sure what is happening. I used to be able to access the Academy of Certified Diabetes Educators website, but since the tenth and maybe the ninth of December, I have not been able to access it by the main page, and this is the message I get on the screen. The URL is this - .

The website you are attempting to access cannot be found

There is no website configured at the address you have provided.

Please try the following:
  • If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.
  • Contact the organziation to see if the address is correct.
  • Search Google for the website's correct address.

ERROR - URL not found
Internet Information Services

Technical Information (for support personnel)

I for one did not believe they are out of business and after several experiments, I have found another way into the website on 14 December. It is this URL - .

In exploring the site further, I had to wonder why some places look like nothing is being done. The newsletter area only shows archived newsletters through July and I remember that normally it was three months after when it was archived. They may not have issued newsletters for August and September.

The last area that surprises me is in the Calendar of Events. After having a meeting on June 7, 2015, I would have thought a future meeting would have been posted for ACDE. I do need to be concerned about why they are pulling the main page of the website and what they are attempting to cover up. If the company that does the web page, “Professionally Managed by Capitol Consultants, Inc.” is that inept then their must be real problems or the ACDE has not paid the fee due Capital Consultants, Inc.

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