December 19, 2015

Learning to Manage Diabetes

For people that want a different source for diabetes information, I would like to refer you to the site – BD Diabetes Education Center (the link is not always dependable). While it is not the most comprehensive site, they have a great overview of certain topics and can give us topics to research.

The first area is for those injecting medications to help manage diabetes and reduce discomfort. Do take the time to view the links they put in blue. If you are injecting insulin or another medication, BD lists some things to keep in mind:
1) Consistent delivery into fat layer

2) Injection site location and rotation

3) Choices of needle type, length and gauge

4) Additional tips
  • A reused needle does not enter the skin as easily or as cleanly because it has become dulled by use and the lubricant that lets the needle enter the skin has been rubbed off. Use pen needles and syringes only once.
  • All used sharps should be contained and disposed of in a sealed sharps container according to local municipality regulations.

Number is 2 above is probably the most important to me and what I have been reading about lately. Rotating among these sites may reduce the risk of lypodystrophy, lumps of fat that develop under the skin from injecting in the same spot repeatedly. I am not sure that the term lypodystrophy is correct, as I have always been told that the area that is used for injections day after day develops scar tissue in the fatty area. This traps the medication and does not allow, generally insulin, to be dispersed for use in the blood stream.

There is much more to the site and I will suggest that you explore the site.

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