May 27, 2015

My Thoughts Over the Last Few Weeks

The last few weeks have been worrisome for me and most of the members of our diabetes support group. We have had meetings almost every day and often using the phone, or computers using Skype. We have had disruption after disruption to our daily activities and we don't know when it will end. After last Friday, 23 of our members are very upset and angry at the person causing the disruptions. Not a pleasant way to spend Memorial weekend.

I may vent some, so you will have to leave this page or follow with me. I need to write about several of the articles I have read about research in the last few months. Granted many of the studies are using 18 to 24 participants and the length of the studies is less than three months (most only one month) and contain many premises without factual data. Even two of the studies that I received the full copy of are not reliable in my estimation.

The blog from yesterday (go back and read it if necessary) is important for many reasons and shows that not everyone follows the big two from this blog written on July 12, 2013. These two big Pharma supporters are recommending harm to those of us with diabetes. In addition to advocating the stacking of oral medication on top of oral medication, they don't wish us to learn self-monitoring of blood glucose or even to learn how to test.

It seems that many doctors follow the ADA and AACE advice and don't realize the harm they are doing to patients. To be able to manage diabetes and avoid the complications of diabetes, we cannot follow the orders of these doctors. I don't care whether you are managing your diabetes without medications or using insulin. You need to know how the different foods and food combinations affect your blood glucose levels. This will give you information about which carbohydrates to limit or remove from your food plan.

Granted, once you have determined how the different carbohydrates affect your blood glucose levels, often you may be able to reduce the number of times you need to test. It is still wise to test before and after several meals to check when trends are moving upward. Yes, it is easy to become lax and miscount the carbohydrates you are consuming. Been there, done that, and it is a rude awakening when it happens. This makes a person feel very small and look for a place to hide while also wanting to have
a big punching bag available.

Back to the first paragraph. This has caused several of our members to have some blood glucose problems and we are working with each other to limit the excursions into hyperglycemia. Our resources are doing everything possible to stop further disruptions to our lives, but still we don't know when this will end. The person is now after each of us as individuals and this is what has everyone upset.

More on this when we are allowed to say anything in a public way.

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