October 6, 2014

This Is Interesting about the ACDE

I will quote from the Academy of Certified Diabetes Educators (ACDE) to avoid errors and then consider comments.

Advocate, through support and awareness, for the professional recognition and advancement of the certified diabetes educator credential, acknowledging the credential’s multi-disciplinary composition, through shared expertise and partnership.

Recognition of certified diabetes educators by health professionals, government and the community as the expert standard of education and care of people living with diabetes, through raising standards, innovation and awareness.

The Academy is organized exclusively for education, scientific and advocacy purposes to support the provision of Diabetes Self-Management Education/Training (DSME/T) provided by Certified Diabetes Educators.”

The mission is laudable, but nothing new. Now the vision would be more valuable if there wasn't so few CDEs. They serve mostly people with type 1 diabetes which is great, but they serve very few people with type 2 diabetes because there are too few CDEs to manage this.

The purpose of the ACDE may give us some insight into the organization and the word “exclusively” may be what we need to pay attention to, as this is the motto of another organization that is working hard to promote their being exclusive to the detriment of other professionals. The other disturbing fact in the purpose is DSME/T. This means that they are not recognizing the change to Diabetes Self-Management Education/Support (DSME/S). This was developed by a Task Force from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

For the ACDE to ignore this means more mandates, mantras, less education, and probably little or no support. To ignore these national standards has me concerned.

The membership categories is also of concern. I will quote them to avoid confusion on my part.

"ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP in the Academy is open to healthcare professionals who are certified by and in good standing with the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators.

ASSOCIATE/EMERGING EDUCATOR MEMBERSHIP in the Academy is open to healthcare professionals holding a current, active, unrestricted license, registration, or certification from the United States or its territories, or a master’s degree or higher in social work from a United States college or university accredited by a nationally recognized regional accrediting body and who do not meet the requirements for Active Membership.

AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP in the Academy is open to individuals who provide products and/or services related to the provision of DSME/T who do not meet the requirements for Active or Associate Membership.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP in the Academy is open to those individuals currently enrolled in an accredited higher education program leading to a degree in one of the NCBDE recognized disciplines or graduate degrees. After one year following graduation from an accredited higher education program, student members must transfer membership to either Associate or Affiliate Membership."

The exclusive requirements I feel will be the downfall of the ACDE and the AADE should be a better education/support organization once they have the non-licensed category of peer-to-peer groups helping them. People with diabetes helping other people with diabetes should be a success. I believe this as I see this in our support group and we have no training.

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