October 9, 2014

Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose, Lessons - P2

This is a continuation of the last blog. I have some concerns about the high blood glucose levels usedfor examples, but at the same time I can understand that the examples are not generally numbers that persons with type 2 diabetes would like to see. However, I am shocked by the number of blood glucose readings that are this high or higher by type 2's that are not managing their diabetes.

Both James and Jerry have admitted to having readings in the 400's a few times before they received help. Both are now having blood glucose readings of 160 mg/dl or less and we know from talking to them that they are working on having readings of 140 mg/dl or less. Jerry seems to be really taking to his food plan. A.J reports that most of his readings the last two weeks have been under 125 mg/dl postprandial with readings less than 100 mg/dl for morning fasting and preprandial readings. He has only one excursion under 70 mg/dl and that was 66 mg/dl.

A.J reports that Jerry has taken to cooking and is really preparing some meals that have surprised A.J with how tasty the food has been. Jerry has even borrowed two of my cookbooks with the nutritional data for each recipe and then adapts them. By that I mean to have them fit the approximate carbohydrate to fat and protein levels that A.J and he are comfortable eating. Jerry says that even he is surprised at what he is learning by using the recipes and a food scale with the desired information on nutrients. He admits that it takes extra time and effort, but with A.J's encouragement and the two of them cooking together on the weekends, there is less cooking needed during the week.

Jerry says he has a lot to learn yet, but he is looking forward to his next VA appointment and what his A1c will be. Jerry and Allen spend quite a bit of time together when A.J is working and Allen says he is a fast learner. Both Allen and A.J have expressed their appreciation for Jerry because he always wants to cover his costs and not sponge off of others.

A.J has asked for my inflatable mattress for this weekend, as Jerry's son will be home after hearing that his mom and dad were separated. Jerry said he expected this, but is happy that his son wants to stay with him. He said they will have a lot to talk about, as he was sure that his son knew his mother was having mental problems before the separation. They have asked several of us to come for the evening on Saturday.

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