May 24, 2014

Should Food Be Regulated Like Tobacco?

According to the Consumers International (CI) and the World Obesity Federation (WOF), this is where we are headed. The new rules proposed by these two organizations will include reducing the levels of salt, saturated fat, and sugar in food. They would improve food served in hospitals and schools, impose stricter advertising controls, and educate the public about healthy eating.

I sincerely wish these do-gooders would crawl back in the cave they came from and leave the rest of us alone. We need salt to live, saturated fat is not the bad boy they claim, and sugar in moderation can be tolerated. Now if they would put high fructose corn syrup in the sugar category, then they could be on to something.

These two organizations, CI and WOF, said governments around the world should impose compulsory rules for the food and drink industry.

We already have the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics taking over the dietary food in hospitals and this will cause more deaths as it is. The USDA has already ruined the food in our school system.

Other activities they are asking for include:
#1. Artificial trans-fats should be removed from all food and drink products within five years.

#2. Advertising to children during television programs must be restricted.

#3. Governments could review food prices, introduce taxes, change licensing controls, and start new research to make this happen.

#4. Consumers International said they were asking for the “same level of global treaty” as the tobacco industry faced.

#5. Stricter advertising controls could include pictures on food packaging of the damage obesity can cause, similar to the images of smoking-related disease on cigarette boxes.

This campaign is gathering steam and unfortunately some support. The US government is ignorant enough to buy into this and make life more difficult for us.

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