May 9, 2014

A Reason for Early Insulin Use

I hope many of my readers have already read this post by David Mendosa. It is very timely and appropriate.

I will not go further as David does an excellent job and while I have written similar, but different blogs, I would encourage you to read his blog.


Jane said...

I'm a type 2 that is scared of starting insulin-I admit it. But reading your blog for a year now and the other links you've provided has me thinking I should contact my CDE and review all this with her. It's never been suggested that I should switch to insulin.

From my perspective, taking a pill is easy and the daily testing is easy. Injections sound scary. However, what you've been saying makes so much sense and I'd like to stay as healthy as possible. If my dog needed injections, I would learn to do it for him! Thanks Bob.

Bob Fenton said...

You are welcome Jane. I have always felt that people with type 2 diabetes should inform his/her self about insulin. While I will admit multiple daily injections can be annoying, my health is worth the effort.

I was diagnosed late and as a result insulin could not be avoided. And no, I was not a person with LADA. When I am able to exercise, I need to reduce the amount of insulin I inject. My problem in neuropathy which makes even walking painful, but there are days when I can walk the pain away and running is impossible because of knee problems.

Keep educating yourself.