April 16, 2014

An Impromptu Meeting with Our New Member

On Monday, April 14, Tim called to say that Dr. Tom wanted three of us to meet with the newest member and his wife. This would be Tim, Allen, and myself. Tim said he would be by in about 40 minutes to pick me up and then get Allen. After Allen was in the car, we talked about what Dr. Tom wanted us to discuss with them. This would include reinforcing what Dr. Tom had covered about calling him if he was having a hypoglycemia episode, titrating his insulin up or down for both types of insulin, and how often for about the first three months to test. He had asked Tim to discuss food plans, reducing his carbohydrate consumption, and carbohydrate counting.

When we arrived at his house, his wife greeted us, offered snacks, and asked what we wanted to drink. Tim thanked her and explained that we all carry our own not to cost members extra money. He told her not to be offended as we do this whenever we go to someone's place and at meetings.

The person with diabetes then entered the room and thanked us for coming. Tim repeated what he had said to his wife and asked how he and insulin were getting along. They suggested using the living room and Allen asked if we could use the kitchen since we had seen the large table. The wife asked why and Allen and I held up the cookbooks we had with us and Allen asked if the canned goods were in the kitchen.

When they kept pushing us to the living room, Tim asked why the kitchen was unsatisfactory and that we were there by their request and at the request of Dr. Tom. If they wanted our help, why were they making us sit in an area that would not be conducive to working with the cookbooks and an easy place to write. The wife carefully explained that the two teenagers would need to fix their meal before too long, and they did not like to entertain in the kitchen.

Allen asked if they would come to his house so they could use the table and see what we talked about on the different food labels. They reluctantly agreed and we went to Allen's home. When we were seated, Allen took many items out and set them on the table. I opened my cookbook, as did Allen, and we started. Tim again asked how he and insulin were getting along. When he did not answer, Tim asked to see where he was recording his meter readings. When he pointed to his head, Tim said that is not acceptable. Since Allen had started working with the wife and carb counting, I stepped outside and called Dr. Tom.

When he heard what I told him, he asked where we were, and he said he would be there shortly. I waited for him to arrive and we went in together. Dr. Tom asked Tim how things were progressing and Tim laid out what needed to be accomplished. Dr. Tom said that he needed to record his blood glucose readings and asked Allen if he had his handy. Allen said he records his in his computer and carried a small pad to record them for entry when he is away from home.

Allen said he also has the program and equipment to download his meter onto his computer. Dr. Tom asked if he would show this to, and stopped. He asked if we had given the new member a nickname. Tim said no and asked if he would accept James as his nickname. When he got a quizzical look, Tim explained why we do this and he agreed then.

Allen quickly explained where he was at and I said I could take over. With that Dr. Tom, Tim, Allen, and James went to look at what Allen did with his blood glucose readings. James's wife asked if all the measuring was necessary. I asked if she was interested in helping her husband manage diabetes. She said yes, and I said we would be available to answer questions and be there via email or telephone to answer questions. I asked her if she had a scale similar to Allen's and she admitted that she did not. I said I would send her some information and URLs to let them look at different electronic scales. I asked if money was going to be a problem and she said no. I continued that she would use the scale quite a bit for six months or longer and then occasionally after that.

Allen came back then and asked how she was doing. She said better now that she had hopes of getting a similar scale. I asked if she now understood why we wanted to use the kitchen and she said yes. She said in the future, she would have us over later after the evening meal so that we could work in the kitchen. She hadn't realized how much she needed to learn and it was a bit overwhelming. Allen said don't run out and buy cookbooks like this one, with the word diabetic in the title, as he handed her one of his. He asked her to skim it and if there were any recipes her family would eat. When she completed a look, she said no and Allen said that is why he keeps it around to show people how bad they are.

Dr. Tom, Tim, and James then returned and James thanked Dr. Tom for coming over and explaining how important things were and how much his friends could help. Tim asked what nickname we were going to use for his wife. She spoke up and asked if Jill would work. Dr. Tom held out his hand and said, Jill, it is good to have you on board.

Jill asked James how much money he would need for supplies and then they decided that they could afford that and would order them as they could over the next few weeks. Tim had pulled up the blog about digital scales and said he would send the links in an email. Jill said that would help them decide and be able to order one. Tim opened one link for her to look at and she said that one looks good and the price is reasonable.

With that, we called it an evening and we pickup up what we had brought and Tim took me home.

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