March 5, 2014

The Whole Grains Low Fat Crowd

I wonder how many more years we are going to have to suffer, yes, suffer from the teachings of the whole grains and low fat advocates. Thankfully, more people are realizing that their teachings are at the root of our obesity epidemic. Yes, it may take a few more decades to scientifically put these teachings where they belong – in the trashcan.

What started me on this? I happened to watch the program in Iowa Public TV on March 3, when Dr. David Perlmutter was talking about his program for eliminating whole grains from our food plans. He is the author of: The Better Brain Book and the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Grain Brain. He is recognized internationally as a leader in the field of nutritional influences in neurological disorders.

The program is scheduled several more times during the Public TV's campaign to obtain funds from viewers for programs and operations. Since there are no videos available, that I have been able to locate, I can only suggest that if the public TV network in your state is running their fund raising campaign, go to the website for your state ((enter your state) public TV) in your search engine and enter Dr. David Perlmutter in the site's search area. This could help you find the program – whether you contribute is entirely up to you and I am not promoting this.

Dr. Perlmutter clearly states that fat, except Trans fats, is our friend and whole grains are our enemy. He says that in addition to them helping our diabetes epidemic, they also affect many neurological disorders and by eliminating them from our food plans, many neurological problems can be improved or delayed. He listed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as being helped and in the case of Alzheimer's disease, it could be delayed or greatly improved for some time. He did not promise a cure, but stressed improvements that eliminating gluten created.

He mentioned several other neurological disorders being improved, but I had an interruption and missed the names.

During his talk, he emphasized that the claims of lost nutrients the grain people were warning consumers about could be found in other foods and that their claims were not valid unless people were relying on whole grains entirely.

His books are available on Amazon and the #1 Bestseller can be found at this link. I have spent my allowance for books, but I do intend to obtain his one book later this year.

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