October 9, 2013

Persons Not Understanding Diabetes - The Cure Police

Those of us with diabetes receive many false accusations by people that are uninformed and do not know what causes diabetes. Oh, yes, they claim they know, but most are half-truths and some of their own suppositions. Even many people without diabetes are accused of having diabetes.

That is because these people stereotype and allow for no exceptions. They read about something or hear it in the news from our ignorant people in the media looking for sensationalism. Then they make their own assumptions and apply this to their stereotypes.

I would rather have a conflict with the diabetes police or the diabetes food police than the cure police. This is because these people are so sure of their being right and knowledgeable that there is no room for disagreement or even a rational discussion. They have the false facts and because they read it somewhere or heard it on the news, rational discussion is impossible. Earlier this summer I even heard one of these self-proclaimed experts argue with a doctor even after having people tell her that she was talking with a doctor. Her parting comment was then why won't he tell people about the cure for diabetes.

Talk about not respecting a doctor. Those of us in the group just commented about how ignorant this person was and disrespectful. Then when two others left the group and said we had less knowledge collectively than she had in her little finger, we knew that there could be other of her friends still in the group. Therefore, the topic was changed to another topic and sure enough, two others left.

With their departure, discussion returned to diabetes. The doctor asked us if this was a common occurrence or just a thing that happens now and then. All of us agreed that this did not happen with regularity, but did happen. I commented that the diabetes police were hard to ignore, but these people were more of a pain as they are more difficult to reason with. The doctor commented that this was his first encounter outside of the office setting. He continued that there are a lot that argued with him in the office setting because they won't accept there is not a cure. He said he has stopped discussions with them and will not refer them, as he does not wish them on other doctors.

Another member of the group asked him about people that accepted the prescription and headed for the nearest health store for a natural remedy. The doctor admitted that there was probably more than he realized and he said a few have come back in a few months asking him to give them a prescription for a cure. He said he does not even try to convince them differently and says until they realize that there is no cure, he would just prefer they did not come back.

I asked him why he does not use the lifestyle changes and encourage them to apply them to their lives with the idea of managing their diabetes and getting off medications. He asked what we considered lifestyle changes. One of the group that I did not know started listing what he thought. He listed weight loss, exercise, and healthy food. At that point, Jason came in and had his laptop with him. I asked him to open it and go to my blog on lifestyle changes. Jason did that and quickly brought this one up.

The doctor read the blog, said this is very good, and read off the lifestyles that many people need to consider. This created some discussion and a couple of those present did not consider some of them lifestyles to change. The doctor asked for the URL and wrote it down. Jason asked if he wanted my email and the doctor said if he has it listed, it would be on my profile page. I affirmed that it was.

At that point, the doctor said he needed to leave and asked Jason and me to accompany him. Once outside the restaurant, he asked us whom we saw for our diabetes, and said am I correct in that? Yes, both of us have type 2. He then asked if we both lived here. Again, both of us answered yes. He then introduced himself as a doctor and said he was in town because of his parents were both ill and not expected to live much longer. Jason knew immediately who his family was and asked where he practiced and asked if it was, and gave the city and the hospital.

The doctor answered yes to both and said you do know my family Jason. To this, Jason said he graduated with the doctor's eldest brother and gave his name. Again, the doctor answered yes. Then he turned to me and asked Jason how he knew me. With that, Jason said we belong to the same diabetes support group and we have known each other for about three years. Jason then answered that he went to one doctor and I went to a diabetes clinic. I said three of us had been getting together for about six months and another group of three had been meeting on another day.  We finally became aware of each other and became a group of six when we realized we all had type 2.

The doctor said that is unusual. Most of the time people with type 2 diabetes don't want to be around other people with type 2. Both Jason and I laughed and said he missed being around about 50 of us at a meeting. With that, the doctor asked if he could get together with a few more of us later that evening, as he must see to his parents. We agreed and said we would see him at the library at 8:00 PM if that was acceptable and he asked for 7:00 PM if possible. We agreed and we parted with Jason saying he would email the group.

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