October 8, 2013

George Will Be Back On Friday

Barry let us know that George has his appointment on Wednesday and will get ready on Thursday and travel Friday. He stated they will try to have the support group together for at least one afternoon/evening while George is here.

Tim and I had a meeting to discuss the fifth support group attending some meetings and we will present this to our group when we get together with George. We have both heard from a couple of their members and the doctor. Tim stated that we are missing the email addresses for some of the group and he has requested the person that had many of them, to obtain those that wanted to be included in emails about the meeting and other upcoming events.

Tim stated that we still owed the one doctor a return meeting, but that he had heard from the doctor stating that the two meetings were important and that his group was happy they were included in our meetings. Therefore, unless something else came up this year, having one with them was not necessary. Plus, they did not have a place that could hold the number we had at the last meeting and even the first meeting. The doctor and several of that group had sent thank you's for hosting the two meetings since we had the room.

Tim commented that it had worked well for us and allowed for interaction among the groups, which both doctors felt was important. Even the group with Jessie and Elaine were happy to have been included and had emailed Tim their thank you's.

I said that the fifth group learned about the meeting from my blog and Tim admitted this was good. I said that the group I had spoken to, had asked for him and me to speak to their group in October or November about our two meetings. Tim said this would be good and maybe we should consider taking Allen, as well as he knows the VA. I asked Tim to check with Allen and once I had his answer, I would contact them.

Then we talked briefly about how many more we could accommodate if asked and we agreed that even if everyone made it from the five groups, we could add maybe another 12 or 15. We agreed that we should not include any new groups at present to allow the current groups to be able to add members.

Tim said he had heard from Hospice thanking us for not asking them as they would not have had time and they will let us know when they think it may work. I said that needs to be announced at the get-together for George as Allen has been working on another group. Tim stated he had forgotten this and would discuss this with Allen tomorrow.

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