October 20, 2013

Another Email From the Doctor

This time the doctor that Jason knew was a lot more direct. He asked why I used made-up names for the members. In my answer, I stated that in case anyone in our local community read my blog, they would have a difficult time identifying people unless they had heard us talking. This is the one area we try to be secretive. Plus we are so used to our names, we know who is saying what.

The next question was again about CDEs and why we don't use them. I said that most CDEs do not want to spend time with patients who manage their diabetes as well as we are able. I stated that of the three doctors that are present at group meetings do not have CDEs available and just the few of us using the diabetes clinic could utilize them but have not felt the need. With the reading we do and the research, we are not willing to listen to them spout the ADA position when we know we are capable of deciding what works best for us.

His next question was why not have one speak to the group. I stated that most do not want this and they would not be paid as we do not collect dues for this and volunteer they might, but most of us would get up and leave when ADA positions were promoted. I said many CDEs would be questioned about why they haven't endorsed positions adopted by the ADA and a committee from the AADE. We would also ask why many CDEs leave patients when the topic of depression was inserted into a conversation. Most speakers would be asked question after question looking for areas where they were not knowledgeable. Not good for us and not what CDEs would want.

He said he understood why we would not have time for RD members of AND and the promotion of big food. We probably did not use many of the foods they promote, especially the whole grains. He said after reading my review of “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis, he had ordered the book and has talked to other doctors at the hospital. He was surprised at the number that already had read it. Some agreed and some had reservations about the book, but had read it. He said I had used the right information in my review and even he had some reservations, but that much made good sense. He said that since two of the doctors in the cardiology department were recommending the book to some patients, he felt that it was what he should do when he finishes it. He has had one patient ask him about the book and he stated that he was reading it and felt if could be good for him. The patient mentioned that the heart doctor had recommended that he read it.

Then he said he had the book The Type 2 Diabetes Sourcebook and if his wife had not read my blog reviewing it, he would not have been aware of the statement I quoted and though he agreed with my review, he was not aware of how truly bad the book was with the statement. He wonders how they could write something like that with all the evidence to the contrary. Yes, he said very few people die from hyperglycemia, but we do not yet know how many die from hypoglycemia because death certificates are seldom correctly completed and have no place for secondary causes.

He has said that his wife has read a lot of my blogs and since she is an advance practice nurse for a local diabetes clinic, she is not agreeing with everything I blog about, but by checking my links, she has few real disagreements. I told him to have her let me know of problems or disagreements.

I answered a few more of his questions and thanked him for the correspondence.

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