September 2, 2013

New CMS Supplies for Diabetes

This is a call for information from people that receive diabetes supplies under the new bidding system of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Since we only have one person in our support group that will eventually receive the new supplies, but to date is still under the old system and he will not receive new supplies until mid-October, if then, according to the last notice he received.

Five of us receive our supplies through the VA system and the rest of us on insulin are continuing to receive their supplies through the local pharmacy. To date, the new CMS system has not affected our testing supplies.

The rest of us have been a little rough (figuratively) on him, asking him questions and to keep us up to date if, and when, he receives any information. We are like kids in the five and dime wait for the supply truck to arrive with the latest shipment of toys. Several of us are asking if he will be able to obtain the test solution for the new strips and we are reminding him of this far too often I fear. He has assured us he will be asking when he places the order. We are all placing bets that this will not be available.

Allen is also waiting to get his hands on a few of these test strips to send them to an address he has obtained and will not tell us. He says they will be tested for accuracy. We have all chipped in the funds to pay for the test strips and the cost of the shipping.

Several of us are also talking about purchasing an extra meter for the test strips we use and also a vial of test strips for him to use as a check for the new testing supplies he will receive. He has agreed to this and thanks us for our efforts, but is not sure he wants to double test that often. I will admit that he is taking this enthusiasm of ours quite well and is starting to give it back to us.

Please. if and when, someone reading this blog that is under the supply system subject to CMS supplies, and receives diabetes supplies, we would appreciate hearing from you. My email is on my profile page. Several of the group is asking why I am not posting this blog sooner.

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