August 30, 2013

Information From Barry's Friend

This was a pleasant reminder of what can happen when you help someone. In addition to thanking everyone at our meeting and doing it profusely, this week everyone involved received a personal email of thanks. Thank you George for being very thoughtful!

Then I received a second email telling me what he appreciated reading in my blogs and where they are helping him. Now I need to thank Barry for organizing them in an order for him. I then asked Barry if he had sent a second list. He said that he and Ben have worked on and sent two more lists and will wait to send a forth when George asks for more reading.

George has stated that he and insulin are getting along just find and he is now getting blood glucose readings already in the mid 80's for morning fasting. He needs to adjust his correction ratio next and his new doctor is helping him. He let us know that he had a meeting with a certified diabetes educator and learned how to count carbs and adjust his insulin to the number of carbs for each meal. I am impressed because he was told what to do if he did not feel good and was not sure he could eat. He was actually told to not inject his rapid acting insulin until he was finished eating and knew how many carbs he had consumed. Then at that time he could add his amount of correction insulin and insulin for carbs consumed together for one shot.

He did state that this was good to know, because this had happened before the CDE appointment and he had given his correction shot and nothing for eating as he had not felt like eating. He said this had caused a low of 63 mg/dl and since Barry had explained the symptoms to him, he knew he needed to test and then chew on a few glucose tablets. He had obtained the 4 gram tablets and is now looking for a 5 or 15 gram tablets to have them on hand. He did assure me that he had tested fifteen minutes later and then in another 15 minutes to confirm that he was not going lower, but also that he was above 80 mg/dl.

George told everyone that since the doctor here had faxed the A1c results to his new doctor, he had not had another test, but would at his six week's appointment. Barry told him this was not unusual and to keep track of his lab results. George let us know that with Tim's help he already had his database up and is using it.

George has met with the VA office in his area and has completed and filed his application. He is very happy to have found out about this. Now he will wait for the determination letter.

With his appointment now about four weeks away, George indicated that if he improved like the Doctor says he might, he will be coming back to Iowa after that appointment. Be sure to check your blood glucose before you drive and to continue to monitor while you are at a rest stop or naturally before you eat. Barry says he and Ben have been able to answer his questions, but he will call on us when they are unable.

Brenda and Jason are now back and thanking us for the emails about George's escapades.

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