May 2, 2012

Military-Funded Neuroscience - Ethical Concerns

This is very disturbing and should be alarming for everyone with people in the military. This is something that has been happening since World War II. When I was in the military, I would hear whispers of this experiment and that experiment which left servicemen unstable and confined to locked down areas at certain bases. Why I was stationed at a few of the bases, I do not know, but more of what I am reading is very disturbing and unsettling to realize that the U.S. Military is still putting service personnel and ex-service personnel at risk for classified drug and mental experiments.

The military and intelligence department are experts at classifying medical experiments to prevent families from ever learning the truth about what happened to their loved ones. This is criminal at least and these experiments were carried out in secrecy, making disclosure a security breach and a prisonable offense.

I wish I knew more that I could disclose, but all I heard was whispers about some of the experiments so it is only hearsay. Unfortunately, until the current state of affairs, little was possible because of the cloak of secrecy.

The person that let this be published is probably wondering what happened to his/her career. While it is possible that someone in Congress wants this exposed, even they would be very careful because the military and intelligence departments have long memories and there are things that they will do.

If you have doubts, please read this about Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his investigative report about U.S. Soldiers used as drug test guinea pigs. Even when I was stationed in Maryland, we were told to stay away from Edgewood Arsenal. We all know that arsenal was a misnomer and that there was activity unlike any found at a true arsenal.

Both articles that I used as reference are good to read and are the type that needs exposure and serious concern by all U.S. Citizens. Even my blog here and here fits the context of how our military personnel are mistreated and abused by the military and intelligence department under the cover of national security.

I say it is time to end the reign of mad scientists in our military and intelligence department.

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