July 12, 2011

Plot Between FDA and Big Pharma Thickens - P2

This press article is somewhat anticlimactic after the previous blog. It is still about Pfizer and the anti-smoking drug Chantix but dated on June 12, 2008. There are some things in the article that I have to question about why ABC News dot com did not check their facts since they had published a story about Chantix.

Quote Now a new report from the nonprofit organization Institute for Safe Medicine Practices cites nearly 1,000 adverse event reports associated with Chantix. That report, released late last month, has prompted the Federal Aviation Administration to ban the drug's use among commercial pilots. Unquote

Now from the June 17, 2008 article – Quote The FAA has prohibited commercial airline pilots from using Chantix because of its possible side effects. Unquote  Yes, the difference of two words “ban” and “prohibit”, but in the world of commercial safety, there is little distinction between the two words. Both indicate that the pilot would be grounded and possibly lose a commercial aviation license for using Chantix.

The biggest plus for the article is that finally shows FDA is doing what it should have back in 2008 when it only warned the Veterans Administration of problems. One does have to wonder how they swept that story under the rug. It does not speak well for the FDA and their review procedures when they can issue a warning to another government agency (that chose to ignore it) and then to ignore the public in the face of mounting evidence. Reminiscent of Avandia anyone?

So this does indeed raise an issue of how much collusion is happening between the FDA and Big Pharma. Are certain interests within the FDA not alerting the public and taking actions at the behest of Big Pharma? With some hesitation, I would have to agree that some evidence certainly indicates that to be happening. I had thought maybe Jo was pushing a little in her blog, but after reading the two articles, I would have to agree with her.

I certainly am more concerned about the safety of many drugs and the side-effects that are not made public until after the elephant has done the damage.

For those that need to read Jo's blog, it is here. For those that did not read the June 17, 2008 article about the abuse of our veterans, it is here and the June 12, 2008 article can be found here.  NOTE:  Jo's blog no longer exists - 10/28/13

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