July 13, 2011

ADA Is Now Fear Mongering

When I opened my browser today, like normal my email list shows first.  American Diabetes showed in bold letters. I had to wonder as I don't normally receive emails from the American Diabetes Association. If it is for contributions my spam filter redirects it and I don't even see it. So I thought why not and clicked on it.

In a way, I am glad I did and in another it got my blood pressure one bang of a jolt. Now that I have had time to relax and think about it, it makes sense that since this affects the pocket books of its medical professionals, they would turn to fear mongering. This is a common tactic among politicians to get reelected, but I had not thought a professional medical organization would stoop to such a low-life tactic. Actually, I should have realized that this is just an expansion of the fear tactics they use on their patients all the time.

It is not surprising that when something has the potential to put a dent in the income level or retirement plan of a doctor, the professional organizations will rally to the cause. What rubs me wrong about the tactic of using the ADA is that the organization has little concern for patients or people with diabetes in the first place, but they will ask for our support when their pocket book might take a hit.

Where is the ADA when they are needed for other issues? Oh yes, when there is a public relations opportunity – they will be there. If there is an issue where they can scratch the back of their legal friends – they will be there. If they can somehow be made to look like the good-guy, count on it – they will be there.

Do not expect any support from the ADA when those of us with diabetes just happen to need support to prevent euthanasia because we are going to cost too much money to be keep alive. They will be happy to nail the lid on our coffin.

Where is the ADA when we need test strips for Type 2 diabetes? Yes, they helped the medical insurance companies restrict the number of test strips we may use. So ADA, if you are wondering why you get no sympathy from me, start behaving like professionals and do a few things for patients for a change instead of worrying about your pocket book so much before it happens. Posturing will not get my attention, only my wrath. Both political parties are making with the threats to get support and bring people to their side. It is all posturing for the voters.

What will count in the ballot box in 2012, is the actions taken now, not the fear mongering actions of a medical group. If you feel that way about things, run for political office, then when you use fear mongering, we will know what you mean and how we can vote to chase you out of office. Now we have to live with your threats to instill fear in a community that is tired of this tactic from doctors.  (IDEA*!) That may be a solution, make it an added requirement that they (doctors) must receive so many votes to retain their license on a four year basis.  The use of fear might just disappear - poof!!!  Oh well, it was just a thought.

If you advocated more for patients and their well being over your financial condition, you might receive more support. If we are ever to recover from this financial mess, everyone will need to share the burden – and that includes you – the fear mongering doctors of the American Diabetes Association.

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