April 5, 2012

Researchers Do Make Up Desired Results

Every once in a while studies like this come along that makes a person wonder about all studies. The disclosure in this blog on John Goodman's Health Care Blog is very interesting. The blog title is “When Data Don’t Cooperate, Make Up the Answer You Want” and the researchers did just that.

I will let you read the blog and comments and follow the link to the abstract and full text to get the full picture. I have to wonder what other studies I have been reading about fat, sodium, sugar, and statins, have fabricated results. We all know that some researchers have agendas, but the question is how far are they willing to go and completely ruin their reputation. Or do they not care?

This is just another clue about our medical researchers and their behavior. In looking back over some studies I have not blogged about, I realize how easy this may be accomplished with observational studies. Often you can tell when there is an agenda, but sometimes they do hide the agenda and make you think they actually can conclude what they “discovered.” This is not what we need to retain confidence in our medical research, or nutrition research.

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Ila East said...

That's one reason why we should not let one study change our way of thinking. If s number of studies get the same, true results then maybe they just might be correct.