April 6, 2012

A Few Tidbits from Medical Blogs

Many topics come across my computer screen and many times, I just read and forget about them. However, lately they have become more interesting and a few are worth blogging about.

The first short article really got my attention. Having diabetes and having much information shoved at me in a “one-size-fits-all” mantra by the ADA, AADE, and many other medical professions, this article makes me very happy. John Goodman titles his blog “Why One-Size-Fits-All-Medicine Doesn’t Work.”

The second short article is about healthcare acronyms. I actually laughed about the dilemma that doctors have with some acronyms. Just this short article was interesting by itself, but the reference link at the end is really what I want to emphasize. Do not be in a hurry to skim over it as it is a 51-page PDF file, and loaded with information. I have not yet read it all, but I will be later as there is a lot to digest, includes some very handy graphs, and charts.

The third blog is about generic insulins. Don't get excited. Apparently this will not be likely to happen under current FDA regulations. Too many hoops to jump through and Big Pharma is working hard to keep this from happening. Still, it does add to the problems people with diabetes will continue to face and the budget will not get relief soon.

The fourth and final item for this blog is about adding nurse practitioners to a doctor's office. In some states this is already working where there are not enough doctors to meet the demand. Still, this may have drawbacks unless the mindset of doctors is changed, states legislate this as a possibility, and nursing education is upgraded in some states.

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