March 22, 2012

Will CDEs Really Help PWDs With Depression?

With the exception of a few CDEs working for physicians that are concerned about their patients and make sure that their CDEs are knowledgeable about depression, apparently the American Association of Diabetes Educators is still mired in the past and could care less about the patients. All they seem concerned about is their certification standing and their paycheck. Sad, but true. Read this blog for more confirmation.

Many of us were hoping that with a new leader that is trying (according to her) to improve the profession, we might see some changes. But, apparently those in the trenches are not buying into the changes and we as patients are getting more of the same BS they have been dishing out for years.

After reading the above-mentioned blog, I called my relative that is a CDE in a large practice and asked her about the webinar. She said that one of their CDEs was to have monitored the webinar and she would have a talk with her and get back to me by Monday evening.

I have now had a return call from her. The only statement I am allowed to use is this - “thank goodness the practice we work for gives and sends us to good continuing education classes.” I ask if this applied to the webinar. No, was the answer. We talked about some other topics of interest like self-monitoring of blood glucose and she would only state that she liked some of my blogs on SMBG.

As long as I do not quote her or mention specifics, she will talk openly about many topics as long as they remain just between us. So do not ask for quotes has been good for me. When it comes to her honesty about most topics, she has very good for advice to me and does not spout the mantras of ADA or other professional groups. I have to respect her for this and staying as a relative I can consult.

Based on my own observations, I would conclude that Wil Dubois is probably very much on target with his analysis of the CDE webinar.

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