March 20, 2012

Researchers Now Advising Against Red Meat

We really need to read carefully some of the studies about red meat that are being reported lately. Observational studies prove little, but these studies are getting press. Recently one of the studies was done by a doctor associated with the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA, it is looks like 22 years of observational looking fits the agenda of the lead investigator.

Now I am not saying that this is not possible, and with all of the growth hormones and antibiotics fed to cattle, it may be that they are right. I do know that less meat is being certified as heart healthy, and the majority of this is grass fed beef.

This is getting a lot of attention in the news media and even in some of the medical journals. It is also being hyped in the medical press. There are even some bloggers hyping the study as being the last nail in the red meat coffin.  I do not believe them.  

At least Tom Naughton has shown the truth about the study and I urge you to read his blog here. Another blog worth reading is this one at Mark's Daily Apple. It is written by a guest blogger and worth the time to read.

For those wanting to read Gary Taubes, I urge you to read his blog about the red meat studies which he calls by other terms.

Since I am behind the times on this topic, reading what others more versed on this is only proper and I hope I have given you something worth your time.  Two other articles about the same study are here and here.

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