December 3, 2011

November Is Past – Big Sad Sigh

This November was a big disappointment for an American Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day. Number one, none of the US diabetes groups or organizations seems to want anything to do with the International Diabetes Federations blue circle. This is a disappointment for many in the DOC. This should mean that we will need to lobby the entire year to convert any organization.

Another disappointment for me is the total lack of promoting diabetes month or diabetes day on the HealthCentral website. We were regaled about Alzheimer's National Alzheimer's Awareness Month on the home page and Alzheimer's page. Only one diabetes blogger, Amylia Grace mentioned the diabetes day or month with no mention of anything by Health Central.

The bloggers that decided to write a blog each day, well that was somewhat better, but those that followed other's guidelines for daily topics, it was a little disappointing. There were some excellent blogs and I applaud those that took on the challenge. I like writing, but definitely happy that I choose my own topics and did not write for 30 days on topics of little interest to me.

I had hoped that the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists would have added to the approved and vetted type 2 diabetes resource sites. Since the original publication on September 27, 2011, nothing has been added to the list of 15 sites.

To pass out grades on the American Diabetes Month would be unfair. Activities are so disjointed and each organization has its own agenda. Forget about finding a common ground for increasing diabetes awareness, everyone wants to think their way is the best. So as a group, nothing of value is generated to aid in the fight against the increasing rate of diabetes diagnosis.

Until the people start demanding action and the medical communities realize that the diabetes pandemic will not go away, little will be accomplished. The divided we fail signs seem to have no meaning to the diabetes community. In addition, since diabetes seems to be such an invisible disease, people in general tend to ignore our cries for help.

I fear that until there is a change in culture, one that can get past the politics, uncaring people within the medical community, and the handouts and influence of the large pharmaceutical companies, there will be little accomplished in the near future. I hope that I can be proven wrong. At present, everyone is so enamored with his or her corner of the world; they seem to accomplish little for the education awareness about diabetes or making a change in the culture of diabetes.

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