November 30, 2011

Using Social Media for Diabetes

This is a topic that more bloggers are writing about, and some are covering it very well. They cover some of the more popular social media sites and give some excellent pointers for people that want to get involved, but are either very timid, or become overwhelmed in their search. Spend some time looking at the different aspects of social media.

This blog says a lot and introduces you to some of the products, blogs, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, forums, and others. This blog covers some of the forums and a few of the social media sites. To include all of the sites would make this a very long blog and could take days to sort out those that still exist from those that have ceased to exist.

I participate in very few sites because of my interests. I would suggest that to start, you read the two blogs already mentioned and use your search engine to search for others. I am on Facebook, but not that active. I am slightly more active on Google+, but that is not saying much. I have a Twitter account and seldom use it. I personally am more comfortable here and enjoy blogging about different topics of which most relate to diabetes. Yes, occasionally I write about other topics, but only because I feel there is a need to bring it to my reader’s attention.

I do participate on one site,MyDiaBlog, which suits me fine. There are others, but I will let you find the one that suits your needs. My one warning is to be very wary of sites that proclaim a cure. These are only interested in separating you from your money and presently there is no cure for diabetes.

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