August 5, 2011

The Whole Grains Mantra

Are you sure you want to eat all those whole grain foods? The grain industry must be advertising very heavily because of all the advertizing I am seeing and even many of the more reputable web sites are again pushing whole grains and bringing prior articles back to the fore. Apparently some of the better medical doctor bloggers and others are making a dent in their income.

So I will also revisit the whole grain mantra again. Yes, I believe that much of the whole grains is partially behind the increased obesity epidemic around the world. The mantra pushed by the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association to eat whole grains is just adding to the myth that this is good for you – NOT!

Go back and reread this blog and the link for it. This should make you rethink the whole grain mantra and the fact that it can't be all it is promoted as being. People just hear the mantra over and over from the doctors, diabetes educators, and dietitians ad nauseam until they believe it to be true.

Again I need to refer you to Dr. William Davis and encourage you to read several of his blogs. The first one is here. If you have a person that is acting like the diabetes police, this blog by Dr. Davis could convert this person to really being a caring person and especially if the person happens to be overweight.

The article that got me back on this topic this one. Take time to read it and learn that if you think you are eating whole grains, chances are you are not. Most of the food industry wants you to think you are, but they add enough to meet the current standards or Federal guidelines, and the balance is not whole grains.

The arguments for whole grains are convincing, but you need to understand that the advantages claimed by whole grain advocates can be found in other foods without the large quantities of carbohydrates which people with diabetes need to avoid.

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