June 22, 2011

Telling It Like It Is About Carbohydrates

This cardiologist is not afraid to speak out about issues. Dr. William Davis has stirred the soup with his blog of April 26, 2011 and he titled it “Real men don't eat carbs”. His understanding about wheat is excellent and makes one wonder why people with diabetes are told to eat so much whole grains.

The price we as men pay for eating “healthy whole grains” is indeed a dilemma. The mantra spouted at us by our physicians, certified diabetes educators, and many of the diabetes dietitians has to make us wonder why we are being called on to eat so many carbohydrates.

Dr. Davis explains it this way. The carbohydrates, and especially those contained in “healthy whole grains”, impair our maleness. If this doesn't get your attention, it certainly grabbed mine. Dr. Davis gives us four reasons for reducing or even eliminating carbohydrates from our diet.

First he says that amylopectin A from wheat because it promotes visceral fat, which increases estrogen levels. Estrogen reduces the effectiveness of the male hormone testosterone. In addition low testosterone and high estrogen can cause depression in males, weight gain, and low libido.

Second, visceral fat, which accumulates, triggers prolactin to be released which in males causes the growth of breasts. Third, the increase in visceral fat activates other chemicals, which impair endothelial functions underlying erectile dysfunction. And fourth, the increased blood sugar provokes the process of glycation, which can also affect maleness.

Read Dr. William Davis's blog here.

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