June 23, 2011

Aids To Help Avoid Bad Studies and HYPE

This is a blog of a different nature and is done to assist my readers that do research and reading. I have kept these links because of how they have helped me in my research. Oh - yes, I have been suckered into some bad research and "fluff" as Jenny Ruhl calls it. Before these blogs, I had to learn from the college of hard knocks, but now I have experiences of others to rely on and help me.

The first information that you should find helpful is from Gretchen Becker. Please read it carefully as she packs a lot of information in her blog about the spin factor in press releases and offers excellent tips to help us from being suckered by something sounding important when if fact it is all hype.

The next two blogs are by Jenny Ruhl. The first is important as near the end of this week, June 25, the ADA will be meeting in San Diego. So wrap your brain around what she tells you here in her blog as the information will likely be coming fast and plentiful.

The last blog from Jenny is this one - "An all purpose technique for debunking worthless studies". There is a lot of information to be digested before applying what she says. I still have to go back and reread parts.

I suggest if they help you, that you bookmark them for future reference. I have them both bookmarked and printed out - just in case. I have reread each several times and always find something else to think about when reading some studies or the press releases about the studies.

I will very seldom buy the full text of a study - only have done this once, so it is often the abstract of the study I have to rely on for backup to the press release. Occasionally, the full text of the research is available for free. Then the Fun begins. Sorting out all of the relevant facts, data, and tying them to the assumptions made can be boring and tedious, but some are very rewarding and enjoyable.

So enjoy reading and researching more study press releases with the added arsenal of how-to's provided by Gretchen Becker and Jenny Ruhl.

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