January 14, 2010

Which is More Important?

Which is indeed more important - the news about a group uniting resources to develop a product which is potentially more than five years in the future and more likely 20 years from success, if then, or what is being foisted on us by a group of surgeons and the American Diabetes Association without proper studies and proof that the procedure will not do more damage than good.

I would normally like to step back and let the dust settle some, but since some bloggers have chosen to go ga-ga and make sure we know everything there is to know about a product that does not exist yet, I have to wonder why we get so wrapped up in the hype.  That a lack of common sense and proof that a product is possible are forgotten to hype an idea that is more than five years in the future makes me wonder why we even read this.   Something like this is possibly worth mention, but not on page one.   I am so tired of hype from this study and that study that are poorly conceived and more poorly constructed and developed that I will wait until something is approved by FDA or other government agency and possibly due to be on the market before getting excited.  Yes, I will watch to see if the efforts are still going forward to develop it, but beyond that I do not intend to spend more time than this.

What I am not understanding is how we have something going on today that is being overlooked and being encouraged to go forward without proper scientific backing and with the blessing of the ADA.  NOTE:  Copy the following into the search box to be taken to the article - doi: 10.1097/SLA.0b013e3181be34e7.   We are lucky that Janet Ruhl has chosen to write about this. No one else seems to be even aware that a group of doctors are being given a nod to charge high fees for an unproven surgery.

I am concerned that many people who are easily persuaded by doctors and their own fear of diabetes, plus the fear of giving up their "good" life will have this bariatric surgery which at this point has to be risky at best.   I have seen several persons posting on several forums who have had the surgery, but do not tell us what is happening to them now.  After a month of how good they feel, I am not aware of any that are participating any longer to make us aware of the successes or pitfalls of having the surgery.   That is not to say that I may have missed a post or two, but I do feel that many just disappear and never come back to let us know how good or how bad the decision was.

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