March 27, 2017

Avoid Diabetes Scams

This FDA warning came a little late for me, but at least I deleted the attempts to put false information comments on one of my blogs. The person was claiming that he was cured of type 1 diabetes and was willing to provide the information for a “fee.” When it didn't post the first time, it was repeated exactly twice more and then he must have realized that comments were moderated and he stopped. The only thing I could conclude was that since I am using insulin, he must have felt that I was a type 1 and did not believe I was a type 2. I get this quite often from people that believe if you are using insulin, you must be a person with type 1 diabetes.

Next, he went to my profile page, emailed me the same message, and did asked why I would not approve any of his comments. This showed his arrogance as far as I was concerned and told me that he did not have type 1 diabetes to begin with and was just pushing a product to separate money from me. I may not always be the brightest bulb in the lot, but I am not stupid, and this joker really ticked me off.

The FDA warning can be read here. I will quote a part of it:
Sound Too Good To Be True? Then it's probably a scam. Watch out for these and similar red flags:
  • "Lowers your blood sugar naturally!"
  • "Inexpensive therapy to fight and eliminate type II diabetes!"
  • "Protects your eyes, kidneys, and blood vessels from damage!"
  • "Replaces your diabetes medicine!"
  • "Effective treatment to relieve all symptoms of diabetes!" 
  • "Natural diabetes cure!"

As the number of people diagnosed with diabetes continues to grow, illegally marketed products promising to prevent, treat, and even cure diabetes are flooding the marketplace.

Products that promise an easy fix might be alluring, but consumers are gambling with their health. In general, diabetes is a chronic disease, but it is manageable. And people can lower their risk for developing complications by following treatments prescribed by health care professionals, carefully monitoring blood sugar levels, and sticking to an appropriate diet and exercise program.”

Even with the FDA monitoring things, people with diabetes will not listen, but will continue to believe in a miracle cure. Even recently, I had a fellow person with type 2 diabetes ask why the doctors continue to hide the cure. When I said the doctors are not the ones to blame, he snorted and said we can't expect them to expose the cure, because then they won't have patients to treat.

Yet, these are the people that will buy the scams and blame the doctors when they receive harm, even if their doctors warned them against the scam.

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