September 3, 2016

A Meeting for September

On Tuesday, I received an email from Brenda announcing a meeting on Thursday evening, September 1. The agenda was almost identical to the one Tim and I had laid out on the previous Wednesday. Brenda did ask that I not publish a blog until after the meeting was history.

I had several others call to make sure I would be there and would not accept anything but yes I would be there. Because of those that called, I decided to go. When I arrived, I did get a shock. All 19 were there and several non-members. The five that had foot problems had made it, as did Allison, Suzanne, and Beverly.

Sue started the meeting and asked if anyone was opposed to dues. No one spoke. Next, Sue asked if anyone wanted more or less than the $15 that had been discussed. Several asked if more dues could be raised later in the year if it was needed. Sue said this was not under consideration at this time, but she did ask if there was approval for more next year if it was needed. Everyone agreed, but asked if we could have the vote when needed. No one opposed this.

Brenda now said that the funds would be used to pay speakers and said that the discussion had been for paying each speaker a specified amount. Now we need to have a discussion about this. Now there were several questions. Allison asked why and if this would create conflict between Suzanne and her. Suzanne said it should not as she was now employed full time working as an instructor at the university, and as such she would not have time for anything else. 

She continued that she was here only to see what the decision was about Bob. Beverly asked if this could be moved up as Suzanne had at least two and a half hour drive. A.J moved that this be accomplished and Jerry seconded this. Sue asked for a vote of the members and it was unanimous. Brenda said this is the reason Sue was in charge this evening and moved that Bob be a member of this group in good standing. Barry seconded and the vote was unanimous. Allen called for me to give a speech and I tried to wave him off, but Sue called on me.

I said that I was very surprised when Tim told me I was being asked out of the support group. I admitted that I must have gathered a few enemies and they were hiding behind Tim now. Allen spoke then and said he now understands why Tim said I was out as several of the newer members did not like my attitude about dietary supplements and felt it was none of my business. One had even said he could get a majority to vote me out if necessary.

A.J asked what is wrong with this. He said we don't agree that these people are right and we feel that Bob is right that doctors need to know about dietary supplements and what conflicts they can cause with prescription medications. This brought a round of applause and Beverly said this was what she wanted to hear and she said she felt this was what Allison wanted also. Allison agreed and said Beverly and she had agreed that we would accept the fee and asked me not to disclose it.

Suzanne thanked everyone and said she would stay in contact with Beverly and Bob, but she would not be available to any support group. With that, she asked to be excused and left.

Beverly said this could reduce the amount of dues necessary and as far as she was concerned, this would be the only group that she would speak to about diabetes. Allison said the same applied to her for nutrition. She said that Bob has told us that he would not prevent us from speaking to any group, but we want you to know that we will limit it to this group only.

I then asked to speak and said I don't want this and felt that the group led by Glen and Dr. Tom's group had not caused me any harm and if asked, you should speak to these groups. Allison said she had not thought of those groups and would consider them when asked. Beverly agreed with Allison and thanked me for reminding them of these two groups.

Then I suggested that the meeting move forward to have the dues approved for speaker fees. Sue then said we have another item that needs discussion and that is the membership of Tim if he asks to be in this group. I asked why this needs to be discussed now as he has not been invited to this meeting and is not here to defend himself – he is one of the original six and there may have been a reason for his actions. Allen spoke then and said yes, he may have been for trying to keep both sides together, but he failed at that and should not have taken the other side by saying what he did.

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