May 10, 2016

A New Diabetes Forum Now Available

Since I joined this diabetes forum, I do not know how this forum will go, but several of the members are avid low carb high fat promoters from the prior forum and this is their stated goal of maintaining a forum for low carb high fat (LCHF) discussions and having the discussion limited to this.

In the rules section, this is clearly stated and people, who are promoting other ways of eating, are asked to go to other forums that want these discussions. I think this is more than fair. This politely and clearly states the desires of the forum.

“Since we are a serious LCHF forum, I think that & our philosophy "Eat to your Meter" should be our principal points,” says Shyam, a principal in the forum site.

Membership is naturally low at this time. I would like to participate in a more active manner, but my cataracts are getting worse. I have had one eye operated on now, but I see no improvement, if fact worse improvement in that eye. I will need to have the second eye operated on by the end of the month – if I pass all the other tests.

I do not understand the reason behind all the tests as I see them as duplicates of the tests before the first eye operation. I can appreciate the concern for my well being, but if the second eye operation is delayed, I will become very agitated with the doctors.

Membership is not growing very fast and this may be a good thing. The LCHF way of eating is the way people on this forum manage their diabetes. It works for them and many other people. Many of these people maintain a ketogenic state and are burning fat for energy. I don't know the amount of weight the current members have lost, but I would estimate the pounds lost is more than many of would estimate.

Much of the discussion on the forum is historical in nature at present. This means fasting readings, an experiment by one member and the daily posting. The recipe section is taking off which provides great LCHF food ideas for members. I seldom use many of the recipes as I am working my carb intake even lower.

Because I float between several forums, I do see many of the members on several of the same forums. Participation seems to be holding fairly stable on these forums and new membership is accelerating on one I had thought might be in trouble.

If you are looking for a diabetes forum that promotes LCHF, then consider joining this forum.

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