April 24, 2016

Second April 2016 Meeting

Several of us had been asking for a second meeting as we were feeling pressure from some of the newer members to stop promoting our way of eating. Tim had been hesitant to do this, but then he had some of the same pressure and sent out an email saying that we would have a second meeting to discuss our way of eating.

Everyone was present when the meeting started and Tim said that several of the members were not happy with our promotion of low carb high fat (LCHF) way of eating. He asked them to speak up about why they were against this. The first person that spoke up said he could not believe in high fat and had problems with eating fat. He said for years we have been told fat was a factor in heart disease and he still believed this. Tim asked him if it was just his objection or if he had actual problems in eating fat. He answered it just his objection.

Next Tim asked the second person, the answer was the same, and that she did not believe fat was good for us. Then Tim asked for a show of hand of those that agreed with this. Five more hands were raised. Tim then asked Allen what he would do. Allen said that if they felt that way, they should consider forming their own support group and leaving our group. Jason made a motion stating, “That those that opposed our way of eating should form their own support group and leave our group.”

Brenda seconded the motion and Tim asked for a show of hands. Except for the seven, it was unanimous in agreement. Tim asked them to leave our group and do what they wanted. Allen added whether they formed a support group was up to them, but they were not welcome in our group for the pressure they caused for promoting their cause. Brenda added that we have found what works for us and that high fat did work for us and studies have proven that fat was not the cause of heart disease. They were free to believe what they wanted, but we would not change our way of eating for a few members.

Tim added this is our desire and we are in agreement and would not change. With that, Tim asked them to leave. Slowly they left and one asked if they changed their mind could they ask to be reinstated. The answer was almost in unison – NO! Tim asked if there was anyone else that wanted to leave and two more left. Now we were back under 50 members and Barry asked if we should consider not adding any new members for a few months. Allen said he had one possible new member, and I said I have a possible new member later this year. I added that this has caused us some concern and that we did not like the pressure being applied to us by those that left and I don't think any of us wanted this to happen again. I continued that I agreed with stopping membership, but that we should think about this until the next meeting.

Jason added that generally we have all agreed on many things and don't get upset when someone disagrees with us, but this time the pressure they put on us to change our way of eating was not something we could agree to and we knew what worked for us.

Tim said he thought we were just complaining until they started to put pressure on him to have a meeting and demand that we change our way of eating. Tim then surprised us when he said Greg, the leader of the other group, said he would not put up with members of our group putting pressure on them to change their way of eating. Tim said they were told to leave their members alone and they did not want to follow their recommendations.

A.J said that they were obviously on a mission to promote their way of eating and were not afraid to talk to anyone. Then Tim said that even the group that Dr. Tom leads was approached and they were told to stay away from their members. Tim said he was asked to do something, as they would not be too happy if this continued. Tim said he would notify the other groups of our action and who the people were so that they would not be involved with them. Tim then thanked us for our vote and severing ourselves from them.

Tim then added that we have never needed to take action like this before and did not like being this way, but we did not need to obtain a reputation that was not liked by other groups. Tim received a short applause for this and he asked if there was anything else that needed to be discussed. Sue said we did something tonight that needed to be done and she did not feel we could have done anything differently.

Tim said he had nothing else and that the meeting was over. Several of the newer members were asking questions and were surprised that we had taken this action. Allen explained that we have found that low carb high fat worked for us and with the help of the two nutritionists were able to balance our vitamin and mineral needs and even with several of us unable to absorb some nutrients from our food for which they recommended supplements. One of them asked why they had problems with increasing their fat intake and Jason suggested that they increase their salt intake for a few days and see if this didn't help.

Another asked what they should do when they reached their ideal weight. A.J said that you will stop losing weight. Tim said that is what happened for him and Brenda said she had stopped just a couple of pounds under her ideal weight and that they should not be concerned about changing what they were eating as they approach ideal weight. This seemed to satisfy most of them and we left.

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