April 12, 2016

A Diabetes Forum May Be in Trouble

Diabetes forums come and go and it is a shame when a good one is being brought down by those that want to create problems for members. A few people, less than six really pushed hard to the owners to force out most of the moderators and open the forum up to their way of doing things. This has moved the forum away from low carb, high fat way of eating toward several types of diets, but including LCHF.

Instead of eating to your meter, they could care less about testing and more about the different foods they could still consume and take enough medications to cover the increased calories. Then the owners needed to put one of their own into the mix to make sure that the discussions were open and headed in the direction they want.

Many of us are watching and waiting to see if the forum folds like so many others or whether it can survive the new leadership. One of the leaders is very difficult and I personally don't think has the personality to manage a diabetes forum since she does not have diabetes, but is one of the upper management in the ownership company and this is why many are very concerned.

The other person does have type 2 diabetes, but is not very convincing in what she posts and this is just a personal observation, but sincerity does not seem part of her personality.

In addition to this, some of the complainers are now posting and making statements which seem very argumentative and many are trying to have them stop. In addition, these same people are trying to make some of the long time members agree with statements they just say were said and become very belligerent when people don't come to their support.

There are days when posts and topics are up over what they had been, but now are trending downward and then back up and then down lower. The complainers have pulled back and are only posting when they can create conflicts. Several other complainers have now had their memberships opened up from being banned and are also directing the forum away from the low carb high fat way of eating to other ways of eating. Some are calling them similar to LCHF, and there are others that want to eat their carbohydrates or comfort foods and are talking about these.

The people that had been posting regularly are decreasing and others are posting very short posts to increase their post count. To my way of thinking a five or six word post is not saying much and does allow for post counts to increase rather rapidly.

Granted this is just my opinion and I am not the owner of the site, and like one of the complainers told me, “Shut up and go away” in a personal message. I will just hide and watch, and see what happens.

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