March 12, 2016

We Are Upset at Others with Diabetes

Ben, Barry, Allen, Jason, and I have been in a discussion after reading a blog by another type 2. We agree with some of what she says about the CGM and insulin pump, but most of the rest, we are in full disagreement. We may be of thicker skin than most people with type 2 diabetes and we don't get too upset with people that make comments about not eating something and we just tell them off, if they become too bullying in nature.

In general, we look at most encounters as teaching moments and we sometimes are a bit aggressive in what we teach, but we never put a hand on anyone or physically threaten them. Three of us needed to leave a gathering for a birthday party recently, because of two people that thought they were diabetes experts, were just following us around making snide comments about the food we were eating and not eating. Education was not working and even suggesting that they leave us alone only caused them to become more annoying.

We felt better after leaving and called the host and before Allen even started to apologize, he said he was the one that needed to apologize as he was not aware of how they felt about people with diabetes and if he had, he would not have invited them. Allen thanked him and said if the party had been smaller, we might have acted differently.

None of our support group uses an insulin pump, except our honorary type 1 who is away at college. We don't use CGMs and therefore we don't have to answer questions about these that often, but occasionally we are asked why we don't use them. This is an easy question for us as Medicare will not authorize the use of continuous glucose monitors and won't pay for them.

Most of the people are very receptive to diabetes education, with the exception of the two above. We are not afraid to talk about diabetes and even the possible complications. Yes, we receive some of the classic dumb questions like, you ate too much sugar, but we use education to turn these into positives and often people are surprised and receptive as well.

We do have people that try to tell us what we should and should not eat, but they get the surprise when we explain why we won't eat what they suggest and then explain why we consume the foods we do. Most, but not all, really listen to what we are telling them and many ask good questions. Jason says he enjoys giving education when this happens. We agreed with him.

We are upset by several bloggers that nit-pick issues and are upset because people ask certain questions. We don't know why they are not able to turn these into positives and education. Maybe we are fortunate that we use each other to bounce ideas off and talk through difficult areas. We have plenty of experience doing this and being retired really helps us in knowing when to push education.

Tim stopped by as we discussing our disagreement with what a few bloggers have written and asked why we were so angry. Allen said because we don't understand them and why they are so thin skinned. Jason said we have each other to talk to and get prepared for some questions. He added that most of us have no problems of turning situations that they are complaining about into positives and good education.

Tim said that is why we try to have a positive attitude and use education whenever possible. He admitted that some people are not able to do this and have trouble in many situations because they are too busy and can't or won't take the time for education like we are able to do when the questioner is not in a hurry.

Allen said this is why we need to not become so upset with others that do not have some of the skills we have acquired.

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Denise Elliott said...

It never bothers me when people ask about diabetes and I pull out my meter to test when I need to, regardless of where I am or who is around - because it's my health at stake. I have to say, though, that I don't remember ever having anyone make odd comments about my eating or the like, either, so perhaps I've been lucky. I do wish CGMs and insulin pumps were more widely available for PW(T2)D because not everyone has a lifestyle that allows frequent testing and it's so critical to understand how specific foods or meals affect your body.

If your group ever decides to allow remote members, add me to the interest list because you all sound wonderful!