March 28, 2016

Are You Getting These Nutrients? - Part 1

Tim called me the other day and asked if I had read this by Laura Dolson. I said I had and was working on a blog about it. He asked me how far I had gotten in my writing. I said I had started and been sidetracked by statins and was still reading about statins. He asked if he could stop by and I invited him.

After he arrived, he asked me to open my file, as he wanted to cover some of the points. After I had it opened, he asked me to scroll down to see the foods under each nutrient. Then he asked me to scroll to the bottom and asked my why vitamin B12 received so little attention. I said this is because this is for healthy people and not for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases that require addition of other nutrients.

This caused him to stop and think for some time. He finally agreed and asked if I was concerned about this. I said very concerned and had planned to try covering this in my writing. I don't know if I can make the case strong enough, but I planned on trying. He asked if I could send him a copy before it was published. I said yes, if he would send me any information he located that he felt was important enough. He said he would and he asked how many blogs I would have on this topic. I said that it looked like seven or more at present and if he found a lot more, then it could be even more.

We talked some more and he asked if I would accept information from others. I said I always have and if it was important enough, I would blog about it separately or combine it with other material I had on the topic. He asked if he could see some of the other topics I was considering writing about and had on my list. When I showed him, he was surprised and said he agreed, as there had been many topics of interest recently. I agreed and said it would be easier if my cataracts were not getting worse. This surprised him and he asked when this might happen. I said as soon as the eye surgeon felt comfortable that my eyelid was healed and would not cause possible infection that could compromise the surgery.

Then I had the thought of pulling some information from this source and this source plus some from here. Tim said he would pull together some of the material he was looking for and would email me copies. I told him not to make everything important and I would need some limits. He assured me that he would prioritize what he sent me on each nutrient.

Back to the topic as this is important for those of us eating low carb high fat. When we change our way of eating, we should be concerned about the nutrients we might be missing. Our support group is fortunate that we have two nutritionists that work with the way of eating we like. They check our foods and are looking for shortages that we may have. Other people need to either know nutrition or learn on their own.

As Tim said, vitamin B12 is often not given the attention it deserves and this is especially important for people with diabetes (PWD) on metformin and among the elderly. The elderly and PWD are especially vulnerable because as they age, many lose the ability to convert vitamin B12 from animal foods. Vitamin B12 is only found in liver, sardines, salmon, kidney, eggs, beef, and pork. There are no vegetable sources.

In the next blogs, I will cover Thiamin (vitamin B1), Folate (vitamin B9), Vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Calcium, Choline, Niacin, Vitamin A, and Zinc.

The first five nutrients above are nutrients to watch when you reduce carbohydrates, and the next three are ones that many people are often short of in what they eat. The last four are nutrients that people with chronic diseases are often short or deficient in their bodies, and vitamin B12 needs special consideration.

It is worth noting for vegetarians and vegan low-carbers, they are limiting their diets more and must be very conscious of the nutrients that may be omitting. This is especially true for vitamin B12, choline, niacin, vitamin A, and zinc.

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