January 9, 2016

We as Diabetes Patients Need to Stop Hostility from Doctors

This is one topic I have wanted to write about and have never able to put my thoughts together coherently. This blog from Kevin MD, written by Marjorie Stiegler,MD is about doctors and nurses ending their hostility. She has some excellent points that need consideration in the doctor and patient hostilities.

(Image source: Facebook.com/WeAreNurses)

The doctor and diabetes patient battle is getting worse and there seems no end in sight. I read patients' comments on forums about being blamed for getting diabetes, and many complain about the lack of doctor instructions for handling diabetes. Others complain that the doctor said they had diabetes and hand them a bunch of prescriptions and telling them to take according to instructions. Still others complain about doctors that are bullying them and only want the patients to do certain things and set unreasonable goals for them.

This is one truth I know: We all have value and doctors that demean us only degrade themselves. If they are unwilling to communicate with us in a respectful manner, then we should find another doctor.

It is a shame that other organizations that could help people with diabetes, especially those of us with type 2 diabetes, cannot or will not. One group is working tirelessly to be the only organization that can provide faulty nutrition. The other two organizations, that could teach people about diabetes, are also working toward this end and while they give out platitudes, they also are doing more harm to people with type 2 diabetes. All the people involved in the three organizations seldom teach, give mantras, mandates, and seldom any education to help us manage diabetes.

Doctors are important, however, many do not want to treat people with type 2 diabetes, and therefore do not learn about the medications, especially insulin, because they are so afraid of hypoglycemia that they refuse to prescribe insulin until all else fails and the patient will not live for many more years because of their neglect.

Nurses are almost more important. This is because they are more concerned about patients and do more than doctors are even willing to do.

Pharmacists are important when it comes to medications and they will do a lot to help patients afford some medications and will often discuss side effects with doctors to avoid medication conflicts.

There is more, but I will leave this for another blog in the future.

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